Saturday, March 25, 2017

C-R-A-B Men

We cannot throw ashes and bones to the company we are working, whether we are doing great or not, if they pay us the right amount or not, if they do follow or abide the laws. 

It is in our own capabilities on how to measure ourselves, are we effective and efficient to our job? Do we enjoy our journey towards success on our career, or are we leading to the wrong path? The worst is we just keep on ranting and gossiping things behind our company. Which is which? Because blaming the company for where we at on our career does not make us any step closer to our success.

At the end of the day no matter how good or bad it is for us, they may take us as an asset or a liability, or whatever it may be, management has its final word. Because in a nutshell we are the employees and they are the employers, who basically own the company.

If we want to be successful stop doing things that hinders us on achieving our goals. Focus on the GOALS, finish the race and stop being a crab.